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General Information


Airport Tax


Payable on departing the country. Cost US $40.


Business Hours


8a.m to 4p.m.

Only a few offices are open on Saturday mornings, shops follow almost the same pattern of opening and closing hours.


General Information About Seychelles

Currency and exchange rate


The Seychelles rupee is the official currency. The exchange is approximately SR5 to one US dollar. The exchange rates for major currencies are published daily in all banks, hotels and in the Seychelles Nation newspaper every Tuesday.

American express, Diners club and visa cards are the major credit cards which are accepted for car hiring , hotel and restaurant expenses. Shops and boutiques which accept credit cards will display the signs on their doors.


Electricity voltage


240 volts AC


National Holidays


1st and 2nd January (New Year)
Good Friday
Easter Saturday
1st May (Labour Day)
Corpus Christi
5th June (Liberation Day)
15th June (National Day)
29th June (Independence Day)
15th August (Assumption)
1st November (All Saints Day)
8th December (Immaculate Conception)
25th December (Christmas Day)




About 95% of the population are Christians, the big majority of whom are Roman Catholics, followed by Anglicans and Seventh Day Adventist Church.

Victoria may be known as the world's smallest capital but it boasts two cathedrals - one each for the Roman Catholic and Anglican churches, a mosque and a colourful Hindu temple.

The Bahai, Islamic and Hindu faiths are also thriving. There are both catholic and Anglican cathedrals in parishes for every district on the main islands and chapels on certain outer islands.


Visa requirements


No visa is needed to come to Seychelles. All you need is a valid passport, a return ticket and a hotel reservation. Upon arrival at the Seychelles airport you will need to present all three documents to the immigration officer to be issued with a visa. First issue is valid for a month but extension can be granted for up to a year. Extensions beyond three months are subjected to a small fee of SR200 or $40.




There is no malaria or other tropical diseases in Seychelles therefore no vaccination is required. On the other hand Seychelles require a valid yellow fever vaccination certificate from travellers arriving from areas or from countries with infected areas. If you are coming from these infected zones please ensure that you are in possesion of a valid vaccination certificate.

For more details and information on additional subjects visit the Seychelles Tourist Office (STO) near you.


Time difference


Four hours ahead of Greenwich meridian time (GMT) and three hours ahead of the time in western Europe.