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From modern art galleries to rock art centres, museums to cultural villages, jazz clubs to open air festivals - just some of the ways you can experience our rich culture & heritage for yourself.


South African Art

South Africa is home to some of the most ancient and beautiful art in the world - the rock paintings of the ancestors of today's Bushman or San. It is also the scene of a host of vibrant and challenging contemporary artists producing new and important work.


South African Cuisine

South Africa offers culinary challenges from crocodile sirloins to fried caterpillars, but also a familiar global menu - anything from hamburgers to sushi to spaghetti bolognaise. Check out the menu.


South African History

If the history of South Africa is in large part one of increasing racial divisiveness, today it can also be seen as the story of - eventually - a journey through massive obstacles towards the creation, from tremendous diversity, of a single nation whose dream of unity and common purpose is now capable of realisation.


South African Literature

An overview of the main currents in South African literature, from Olive Schreiner's depiction of life on isolated Karoo farms to more recent work that tackles the aftermath of apartheid.


South African Music

From missionary hymns and jazz to kwela and kwaito, South African musicians have always given international trends an unmistakable flavor of our own.


South African Theatre

The theatre scene is buzzing in South Africa, with more than 100 active spaces all over the country offering everything from indigenous drama, music, dance, cabaret and satire to West End and Broadway hits, classical opera, and ballet.