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About Tanzania
Largest Cities
City Population Estimated
Dar es Salaam 2,421,900 2002
Mwanza 291,400 2002
Zanzibar 248,900 2002

Key Data
Region: Africa
Population: 33,917,600 October 2002
Area Total: 945,090 km2
Area Land: 886,040 km2
Coast Line: 1,424 km km
Capital: Dodoma
Climate: Varies from tropical along coast
to temperate in highlands.
Languages: Kiswahili or Swahili (official)
Kiunguju (name for Swahili in Zanzibar)
English (official, primary language of commerce,
administration, and higher education)
Arabic (widely spoken in Zanzibar)
Currency: 1 Tanzanian shilling (TSh$) = 100 cents
Holiday: Union Day, 26 April (1964)

Average Daily Temperature
Capital: Dodoma
January: 23.5C / 74.3F
July: 19.9C / 67.8F
Annual Rainfall: 550.6mm / 21.7''

Kenya: 769km
Mozambique: 756km
Malawi: 475km
Malawi: 475km
Burundi: 451km
Uganda: 396km
Zambia: 338km
Rwanda: 217km

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Ethnic Divisions
Indigenous African 99%
Other 1%

Christian 45%
Muslim 34%
Indigenous beliefs 20%
Other 1%