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National Parks


Arusha National Park

Total Area Covered:137 
Best Time to Visit: To climb Mt Meru, June-February although it may rain in November. Best views of Mt. Kilimanjaro, December-February. 
Nearest Town: Arusha 
Attractions: Momella, Lakes, Ngurdoto crater Mt.Meru, Elephants, Buffaloes, Colobus monkeys, Walking safaris.
Accommodation: Momella wildlife lodge, Mt. Meru Game lodge, Tanzania Hotel, Rest house, Campsites.


Gombe National Park 

Total Area Covered: 52 
Best Time to Visit:  The chimps do not roam as far in the wet (February-June, November-mid December) so may be easier to find; better picture opportunities in the dry (July-October and late December). 
Nearest Town: Kigoma 
Attractions:  Chimpanzees sanctuary, walking safaris.
Accommodation:  Hostel, Camping on the beach is permitted.

Katavi National Park 

Total Area Covered: 2253 
Best Time to Visit:Dry season: May-October and mid-December-February 
Nearest Town: Mpanda 
Attractions: Buffalo, Elephant, Masai Zebra, Gazelles
Accommodation: Katavi luxury Tented Camp, resthouses, huts and very basic hotels are available.


Kilimanjaro National Park 

Total Area Covered: 756 
Best Time to Visit:Clearest and warmest conditions from December to February, but also dry (and colder) from July-September. 
Nearest Town: Marangu 
Attractions:Mt. Kilimanjaro, trekking, elephants, rhino, buffalo.
Accommodation:Ashanti lodge, Kilimanjaro national park hostel and Campsites

Lake Manyara National Park

Total Area Covered: 325 
Best Time to Visit:Dry season (July-October) for large mammals; wet season (November-June) for bird watching, the waterfalls and canoeing. 
Nearest Town: Arusha 
Attractions:Tree climbing Lions, Baboons, Buffalo, Zebra, Hippo pools, Hotsprings.
Accommodation: Lake Manyara Serena Safari lodge, Lake Manyara hotel, Kiruruma Tented camp, several campsites and more cheap accommodation outside the park.

Mahale Mountains National Park 

Total Area Covered: 1,577 
Best Time to Visit:Dry season (May-October) best for forest walks although no problem in the light rains of October/November. 
Nearest Town: Kigoma 
Attractions:Chimpanz, eewalking safaris, brush-tailed porcupine,guinea fowl, various species of primates, black and white colobus monkey.
Accommodation: Kasiha Guest House and several Campsites.

Mikumi National Park 

Total Area Covered: 3,230 
Best Time to Visit: Accessible year round. 
Nearest Town: Morogoro 
Attractions: Mkata River flood plain, Crocodile, Hippo pool, Zebra, Buffalo, Elephant, Giraffe.
Accommodation: Mikumi wildlife Lodge, Mikumi wildlife Tented Camp, Campsite and Youth hostel.

Ngorongoro Conservation Area 

Total Area Covered: 8,288 
Best Time to Visit: All year round. 
Nearest Town: Arusha 
Attractions:Olduvai Gorge, The Crater, Predators, Elephant, Buffalo, Flamingoes, Black rhino.
Accommodation:Sopa lodge, Serena lodge, Ngorongoro Wildlife lodge, Rhino lodge, Campsites.


Total Area Covered: 240 
Best Time to Visit: Dry season, June-August.Eildflowers and butterflies, wet season November-March. December-February best for migratory birds. 
Nearest City: Mwanza 
Attractions: Walking safaris, Diverse Bird Life, Sitatunga, Chimpanzee and Hippo
Accommodation: Limited accommodation in a double bungalow including the luxury tented camp (Rubondo Island Camp)

Ruaha National Park 

Total Area Covered: 13,000 
Best Time to Visit: For predators and large mammals, dry season (mid May-December); bird-watching, lush scenery and wildflowers, wet season (January-April). 
Nearest Town: Iringa 
Attractions: Great Ruaha River, Antelope, Gazelle, Elephant, Hyena, Zebra, Lions; walking and driving safaris
Accommodation: Ruaha River Lodge, Ruaha exclusive tented Camp, Mwangusi Safari Camp, Campsites and self catering bandas.



Game Reserves


Mkomazi Game Reserve 

Total Area Covered: 3,600 
Best Time to Visit: Between June-October and January-March. 
Nearest Town: Tanga 
Attractions:Dindera Dam, Large mammals, Walking safaris.
Accommodation: Two Campsites, The Elephant Motel, Luther hostel, Savanna Hotel.

Saadani Game Reserve 

Total Area Covered: 300 
Best Time to Visit: During dry season. 
Nearest Town: Bagamoyo 
Attractions:Old German Fort and some German graves, Lions, Zebra, Grey parrot, Secretary birds, Buffalo.
Accommodation: Campsites, There are also few beach hotels in town.

Selous Game Reserve 

Total Area Covered: 55,000 
Best Time to Visit: June-February and July to October also during the dry season. 
Nearest Town: Iringa 

Attractions:elephant, Buffalo, Lions, Black Rhino. Walking, Diving and Fishing trips.

Accommodation:Selous Safari Camp, Stiegles gorge safari camp, Rufiji River Camp, Mbuyuni Safari Camp, several camping sites among others.

Uwanda Game Reserve 

Total Area Covered: 5,000 
Best Time to Visit: Between March and October. 
Nearest City: Mbeya 
Attractions: Antelope, Localised Puku, Albino Giraffes, Zebra, Crocodile.
Accommodation: Camping area is available.

Amani Nature Reserve 

Attractions: Botanical Gardens, Several nature trails.
Accommodation: About six camping sites,

Biharamulo Game Reserve 

Attractions: vervet monkey, mongoose and many more.
Accommodation: No facilities but it is possible to hunt in Biharamulo.