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Exchange rate: These days (April 2003), one US dollar buys around 30 Czech crowns (abbreviation: Kc or CZK). Current exchange rates can be found through the Universal Currency Converter, at

DO bring your ATM card, which will give you access to Czech money immediately after you arrive, plus a few travelers' cheques and your credit card as a backup.  It is quite difficult, and expensive, to obtain Czech currency  in the United States; if you feel that you must obtain it before you leave, then American Express or Thomas Cook are your best bets.

DO use ATMs. Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs) are the most convenient means of access to Czech currency, give you good rates and don't charge commissions. They are located throughout Prague and most larger cities, usually in train stations, banks, and (in Prague) in subway vestibules. There are several ATMs in the arrivals hall at the Prague airport. The Czech word for an ATM is "bankomat". In order to use your ATM card in the Czech Republic, make sure it's affiliated with either the Cirrus or the PLUS network, and has a four-digit PIN.

Unless you are in a pinch, DON'T use one of the many round-the-clock exchange offices located on the streets of major tourist destinations. Despite the "low commissions" they claim to offer, their exchange rates are far from fair, and they should be used only as a last resort. If you wish to exchange cash or get a cash advance on your credit card, go to an exchange office that's affiliated with a bank. Also: DON'T ever agree to change money with anyone on the street.

DON'T bring personal or company checks - they will not be accepted as payment for goods or services. Shops and restaurants, especially in Prague, will accept most major credit cards (Visa, AmEx, MasterCard), and, of course, cash (Czech crowns only!).


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