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Passengers flying to Poland are initially greeted by the sight of Warsaw's state-of-the-art Okecie International Airport. With its outstanding passenger and cargo facilities, this modern complex plays host to many of the world's leading airlines and has quickly become one of Central Europe's most important airports. Symbolizing Poland's commitment to making Warsaw the transit hub for the region, Okecie's modern design eases the flow of traffic and provides a striking example of the importance placed on travel by Poland and its national carrier LOT Polish Airlines.

Warsaw is also an important destination or stopover point on many international, intra-Europe and trans-Atlantic routes. Numerous gateway cities from North America are featured in providing convenient and frequent service to Poland. From Warsaw passengers can fly directly to such far-flung destinations as Bangkok, Singapore, Beijing, Dubai, Cairo, Kuwait or Tel Aviv.



LOT Polish Airlines:


LOT Polish Airlines maintains regular connections with almost all the capital cities of Europe. It offers the only non-stop flights to Warsaw from its North American gateways: JFK, Newark, Chicago, Toronto and Montreal. It flies western made aircraft exclusively such as Boeing 767s, 737s and ATR-72s. Once in Poland, LOT can quickly transport passengers to seven other Polish cities and an additional 50-plus destination in 36 countries world-wide.




Delta Air Lines    (800) 241-4141 US/Canada


Air France (800) 237-2747 US  (800) 667-2747 Canada


Alitalia  (800) 223-5730 US  (800) 361-8336 Canada


Austrian Airlines  (800) 843-0002 US/Canada


British Airways    (800) 247-9297


Finnair  (800) 950-5000


KLM Royal Dutch Airlines (800) 374-7747  US/USVI/Puerto Rico


Lufthansa  (800) 645-3880  US/USVI/Puerto Rico (800) 563-5954 Canada


SAS   (800) 221-2350


Swiss  (800) 221-4750 US    (800) 267-9477 Canada




RAILROAD: Utilizing an extensive network of routes and connections, rail is by far the most common way to get around Poland. Furthermore, the railroad is an excellent way for a traveler to reach the leading cities and capitals of Europe. In 1992 Polish State Railways -PKP- introduced two new types of passenger trains: Eurocity -EC- and Intercity -IC-. These modern trains offer rapid and regular service between major points of interest to the domestic and foreign traveler alike. Complimentary snacks are served on all IC trains.

Length of trip:


6 hrs. 18 min.


8 hrs. 9 min.


9 hrs. 4 min.


10 hrs. 17 min.


2 hrs. 55 min.


3 hrs. 20 min.


4 hrs. 6 min.


3 hrs. 21 min.


5 hrs. 47 min.


The Polrailpass and Junior Polrailpass (for those under 26 years of age) are available to foreign tourists for convenient and cost -effective train travel throughout Poland. Similar to the EurailPass used across Western, these passes entitle the holder to travel an unlimited number of trips on all trains (including IC and EC) within a preset time frame- 8, 15, 21 days or 1 month. Polrailpasses can be purchased for travel in either first or second class. Use of a couchette or sleeping compartment requires the purchase of an additional ticket.




Domestic - The National Bus Service -PKS- provides the oldest and most extensive network of bus connections within Poland. In the summer of 1994 Polski Express, a privately owned company, introduced alternative bus services. Such motor coaches on journey's between major Polish cities are very modern and comfortable

International - A number of local, private bus lines connect virtually all leading Polish cities with other European countries such as France, Germany, Benelux, Austria, Italy, Great Britain and Denmark. Please be aware that the routes, prices and even company names are subject to change at any time. Permanent, round trip connections between Poland and Germany are also offered by the oldest Polish transportation company -PEKAES-.




WATER CONNECTIONS: Polish Baltic Navigation Lines -PZB- maintains regular ferry connections with Sweden, Denmark and Finland. There are ferry terminals in Gdansk, Swinoujscie and the Maritime Travel Offices in Gdynia, Krakow, Warsaw and Szczecin. Tickets may be purchased at the PZB Maritime Travel Bureau or from its agents, or from the authorized agents of other travel offices.

Discounts are available for:

Traveling with your car

- A vehicle with a driver

- A vehicle with five passengers maximum p

- Every sixth passenger is free

Children under 6 years of age may travel free of charge when accompanied by adults.

Children age 6 to 12 when accompanied by adults receive about a 40 percent discount.

Students and school children, holders of ISIC IDs or other school IDs

Senior travelers with ID showing age

Retired people and pensioners holding valid documents

Family ticket holders-minimum of 3 passengers, children must be under age 20


Four day tickets