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Slovakia, a small scale country in the centre of Europe, by the words of a folk song allocated "between Tatra mountains and the river Danube", has been a crossroads of Europe since the old times. Driveways of traders in the two main directions (approximately North-South and East West), and even more various invasions had stimulated construction of fortified settlements aimed to protect merchants and their goods against bush rangers, or they served as a refuge during raids (the invasion by Tatars in 1241 - 1242 or foreys of Turks in the 16lh century. Many fortresses had never been captured. Town castles possessed a remarkable position and importance, protecting noble and rich, mainly mining towns of central Slovakia where rare metals were exploited.


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From badly accessible, situated on steep reefs, cast les the owners later moved to more convenient and easy reachable manors, which offered more up-to-date housing. Here they got together rich and rare historical, art and natural history collections, and often a precious collection of books, too. Pompous interiors were furnished with weapons, sculptures, paintings, porcelain and style furniture, and they often included Oriental salons and repositories of curiosities. Manors were equipped with gardens and large-scale parks with various pavilions, little constructions, little theatres, fountains, artificial lakes and even caves.

There are about 180 castles and ruins registered and protected, and some 1, 200 manor houses and mansions. They are offering you their art wealth and shall welcome you on your wanderings to unknown places. Stop for a while at the medieval ruins overlooking the wide land around and take the taste of nature beauties still visible and touchable in this country. Clap your hands to the knights "fighting" at the Zvolen Castle Games, on Knight Days, or during night parades at Bojnice chateau where you can meet living historical inhabitants set to life just to frighten you or amuse you.