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SLOVAKIA is a country with a truly extraordinary number of curative springs. It also has extensive deposits of high-quality healing peat and mud. For a long time people have been taking advantage of these resources to cure a variety of diseases and ailments. If we tell you that in this little country there are one thousand one hundred and sixty registered mineral and thermal springs, you will get some idea of the enormous total healing capacity of these sites. Even Marcus Aurelius´ Roman legions tried out the thermal water and several of the better-known spas are visited every year by patients from many countries of the world.



Spas, however, are just a part of the health and regeneration potential of Slovakia. They coincide with the healthy environment of Slovakia. To put it simply we will now introduce you to our health product, we named it Slovakotherapy:


colourtherapy: the happy picture of the changing colours of nature will help you to overcome stress and forget about your everyday struggles


speleotherapy: in our superb range of caves you can admire the silent beauty of artpieces modelled by the forces of nature, you can breathe in the freshly moist air which has a power to relieve asthma


aromatherapy: aromas of nature: grass in the summer meadows, the trees in the forests, the unpolluted water in the rivers are the smells of our vast and well protected nature, they will provide you with an escape from the polluted towns and cities


balneotherapy: mud, peat, and mineral waters are the natural healers of our organism, they prevent illnesses and prolong your healthy life


Now you are probably asking where you can undertake such therapy. Well, let´s use the space left on the page to outline some of our spas.


Balneologic spas:
  Name (district)

- Bardejov spa (Bardejov) - digestive system diseases respiratory diseases
- Bojnice ( Prievidza) - locomotor apparatus diseases, nervous system diseases
- Brusno (Banska Bystrica) - digestive system diseases
- Ciz (Rimavska Sobota) - locomotor apparatus diseaes, Parthes disease of children
- Dudince (Zvolen) - locomotor apparatus diseases, nervous system diseases
- Korytnica (Ruzomberok) - digestive system diseases
- Kovacova (Zvolen) - locomotor apparatus diseases, nervous system diseases
- Lucky (Povazska Bystrica) - gynaecological diseases
- Nimnica (Povazska Bystrica) - digestive system diseases
- Piestany ( Trnava) - locomotor apparatus diseases, nervous system diseases
- Rajecke Teplice (Zilina) - locomotor apparatus diseases, nervous system diseases
- Sklene Teplice ( Ziar nad Hronom) - locomotor apparatus diseases, nervous system diseases
- Sliac (Zvolen) - circulatory system diseases
- Smrdaky (Senica) - skin diseases, locomotor apparatus diseases
- Trencianske Teplice (Trencin) - locomotor apparatus diseases, nervous system diseases
- Turcianske Teplice (Martin) - locomotor apparatus diseases, kidney and urinary tract disease

Klimatic spas:

- Lubochna (Ruzomberok) - respiratory diseases
- Lucivna (Poprad) - respiratory diseases
- Stos (Košice) - respiratory diseases occupational diseases
- Zelezno (Ruzomberok) - respiratory diseases
- Vysne Ruzbachy (Stará Ľubovňa) - mental diseases, occupational diseases, oncological diseases, diseases of blood circulation, chronic bronchitis, diseases of move apparatus, women diseases and occupational diseases
- Vysoke Tatry (Poprad) - respiratory diseases
     - Vysne Hagy
     - Nova Polianka
     - Tatranska Polianka
     - Novy Smokovec
     - Horny Smokovec
     - Dolny Smokovec
     - Tatranska Kotlina


Introducing Our Spa Resorts


Bardejov spa

The historical medieval town Bardejov gave its name to the spa situated nearby in the northernmost part of the Saris region, not far from the Polish border. It is known as Bardejov spa. As early as 1247, when the Hungarian king, Belo IV. gave the territory of the present-day spa to the town of Bardejov, the healing properties of the waters and springs to be found here were known far and wide, although the first mention of them in existing records dates back only to 1505.

The spa lies six kilometres north of Bardejov and is surrounded by the picturesque forests of the Ondavske vrchoviny (Ondava Highlands). It came into existence on account of the 17 curative, naturally carbonated cold mineral springs to be found there, which are of an alkaline, salty, ferrous and acidulous nature. Their chemical composition makes it possible to use them for a wide range of purposes. The curative properties of the mineral waters and the pure air pervaded with the scent of resin from the coniferous forests provide favorable conditions for the treatment of patients with disorders of the digestive organs, certain respiratory diseases as well as some other illnesses involving the metabolism and glands with internal secretion. The main methods of treatment are the drinking and inhalation of the local mineral waters.

A stay in this part of Slovakia guarantees good medical treatment, active recreation, an opportunity to see something new and to have an enjoyable time. Accommodation in the traditional sanatoriums and villas, mostly dating from the 19th century, or in the new, luxuriously furnished sanatorium, Ozon, will satisfy even the most demanding visitor.



The town of
Bojnice has a rich history, stretching back to the beginning of the 12th century, proof of which is provided by a number of architectural monuments, but its dominating landmark is Bojnice Castle. The first mention of the storne castle is from 1302 and it is said to have been built by Matus Cak. In the immediately surroundings of this witness to history there is a thermal spa, which offers treatment for rheumatism, diseases of the joints and spine, as well as disorders following injuries and postoperative conditions. The healing springs have a temperature from 30 to 46 degrees Centigrade. Patients have at their disposal sanatoriums, tourist hotels and guest houses in Bojnice itself, or in the close vicinity.

Tourist attractions are the large Cajka ("Seagull") swimming pool, tennis courts, an indoor pool, a winter stadium and other sports facilities. The surroundings of Bojnice offer opportunities to enjoy not only the sport and recreation but also to learn abour history or simply to enjoy oneself. One example of this is the festival of ghosts at Bojnice Castle.



Brusno Spa has been well-known since the beginning of the 19th century. Ti lies in the lovely mountainous region of
Central Slovakia, at the foot of the northern slopes of Vepor mountain at a height of 424 metres above sea level. Its position determines its mild and warm, fairly damp foothill climate.

Patients are treated here for diseases of the gall bladder, bile ducts, liver and pancreas, as well as certain diseases of the motor organs. Treatment in Brusno Spa is based on its natural curative mineral water. Bathing in tempered mineral water in pools and bathtubs, combined with drinking doses of minieral water are the mainstay of the cures. Supplementary treatment takes the form of hydrotherapy, electrotherapy, physiotherapy, massage, as well as medicamentary treatment and diet. The spa´s location in a mountainous region offers attractive walks for visitors in their free time. Accommodation can be provided for patients in single or double rooms in the Polana and Paula sanatoriums. For those who come as tourists, though with the intention of taking advatage of the mineral waters, accommodation is available in private houses.

Thanks to its beautiful natural surroundings, Brusno is becoming a popular oasis for these seeking a rest. There are numerous marked footpaths leading into the countryside, such as those to a nearby picturesque valley.



The Ciz spa owes its origin to curative iodine-bromine springs which, combined with other medical cures, have achieved good results in curing diseases of organs of motion and peripheral vessels of both adults and children. A recently built accomodation and medical complex as well as reconstructed older buildings of typical architecture offer accomodation and complex spa treatment of good quality.