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Calling to and from Sweden. When you call to Sweden from abroad, you should first dial the country international prefix (usually 00) then Sweden's country number (46); in certain countries you have to wait for the tone, then dial the area code omitting the initial 0 and finally the subscriber's number. If you call to Stockholm from Germany, for example, you dial: 00 46 8 12 34 56. Remember that you can save on telephone charges if you call using the Call-by-Call feature.

Communications In Sweden


When you call abroad from Sweden you first dial 00 and then the country number and wait for the tone. Then dial the area code without the 0 and finally the subscriber's number. If you call Berlin in Germany it would look like this: 0049, wait for the tone, 30-12 34 56.


Telephone cards


Telephone cards are very common in Sweden. They can be bought from kiosks, shops, hotels or at telephone stores. Telephone cards have the following values: 30, 60 and 120 units. There are also a number of telephone kiosks that accept credit cards (CCC or Tele2).


Collect Call


If you want the receiver to pay for the call you can use Collect Call. You order this service by calling 020-0018.


Country Direct


If you call a Country Direct number you can call to your homeland and the charges are added to your telephone bill. Country Direct is different for different countries. Example: Germany 020-799 049. Another good method is buying pre-paid telephone cards in your own country.