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Health Issues


There is a comprehensive healthcare system in Sweden. Casualty departments are ready to take care of acute illnesses or accidents. Prices for doctor's call may vary between different counties, for Stockholm county: acute SEK 300, own family doctor, paediatrician, gynaecologist SEK 120. A visit to a specialist doctor following consultation is SEK 110. Visits to specialist doctors or to doctors where you have not been listed cost SEK 230. Prescription via telephone has been withdrawn since1997. Extra for home visit SEK 50.



Health Issues

A special agreement is applicable for all EU countries guaranteeing all EU citizens the same treatment as Swedish citizens. The easiest solution is to have an E111 form with you, which is available from the social insurance office. A charge is applicable for doctor's calls. It is therefore recommended to have additional insurance to cover these costs. This agreement does not apply between Switzerland and Sweden as Switzerland is not a member of the EU.


For emergency care within the EU you can contact Stockholm Care AB.


Stockholm Care AB

Box 6423

SE-113 82 Stockholm, Sweden

Tel+46 8-672 24 00, fax +46 8-656 12 99